BlueJay Brand Orthopedic Planogram-2′ Section


60 piece unit * Containing the following items: BJ215231 2 SM 2 MD 2 LG 2 XL Blue Jay Slip-On Knee Support Beige BJ215320 2 Univ Blue Jay Univ Back Support w/Lumbar Tension Straps-White BJ215300 2 Blue Jay Back Support with Supporting Stays Universal Blk BJ215311 2SM/MD 2 LG/XL Blue Jay Industrial Back Suppt w/Suspenders BJ210300 2 Blue Jay Abdominal Binder Universal White BJ215400 2 Blue Jay Universal Arm Sling with Shoulder Comfort Pad-Blue BJ215201 2 SM 2 MD 2 LG Blue Jay Slip-On Knee Support Open Patella w/Stabilizers BJ215221 2 SM/MD 2 LG/XL Blue Jay Adj Knee Support Open Patella Design Black BJ215210 2 Blue Jay Universal Knee Strap Black BJ215280 2 Blue Jay Universal Thigh Wrap Black BJ215430 2 Blue Jay Tennis Elbow Strap Universal Black BJ215451 2 SML 2SMR 2LXL 2LXLR Blue Jay Dlx Wrist Brace Black for Carpal Tunnel BJ215460 2 Blue Jay Wrist Splint Black Universal BJ215470 2 Blue Jay Universal Wrist Wrap Beige BJ215481 2 SM / MD 2 LG/XL Blue Jay Adj Thumb Support w/Stabilizing Stay Beige BJ215100 2 Blue Jay Universal Gel Ankle Support w/ Hard Exterior Shell BJ215131 2 SM 2 MD 2 LG Blue Jay Adjustable Ankle Wrap Black

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