Classic Bed Sensor Pad 1 Year 10 x30′


1 Year model * 10 x30 * This weight-sensitive pressure pad is for bed monitor use * When connected the pressure pad will trigger the monitor when weight is removed from the pressure pad alerting the caregiver to respond * The alarm will automatically reset when the patient returns to the safe position reducing false alarms * All pads are constructed with durable vinyl cover moisture resistant and easy to clean * Classic chair sensor pads can be used on a variety of chairs and wheelchairs * Pads work with all major manufacturers alarm monitors (including UMP/ Microtech Smart Alimed Direct Supply Attendant & Graham Field) * Slim design helps patients avoid the discomfort associated with other pads * Excellent sensor function warns caregivers of patients attempting to leave chair or bed earlier than most other pads * Thicker pads are more comfortable sensitive and more effective for lighter patients and for patients who use them for extended periods * Large pad size helps reduce false alarms

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