Cover only for Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion


Two-way stretch top enables the cushion cells to conform to the individual’s body shape without diminishing product effectiveness or therapeutic value * The cover has a two-way 100% Polyester top material that is a durable heavyweight fabric with a soft feel * The side material is composed of a 3-layered knit spacer fabric which provides superior air circulation that ventilates and cools the user * The fluid proof solid non-skid base material offers a durable easy to clean surface * The cover has the added feature of Velcro© straps placed on the bottom to allow the user to attach the cushion to their chair * Encased foam is stitched to the cover for added comfort around the leg trough areas * Cover is machine washable * Weight: 1.0 lbs * Warranty: 6 Month Limited Warranty

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Weight 0.000 kg
Dimensions 18 × 19 × 4 cm