CPAP Filter Pk/6 Carex Foam Filters


Carex reusable CPAP filters are an affordable aftermarket solution for your CPAP machine supplies * These reusable filters are compatible with the following Philips Respironics machines: System One M-Series and SleepEasy * It is recommended to clean your reusable filters at least once every two weeks to keep your CPAP air clean and your breathing easy * Purchase Carex CPAP filters today to stock up on all your CPAP supply needs * Contains 6 reusable filters * Our reusable CPAP filters help filter out any unwanted contaminants to keep your CPAP safe clean and working effectively * Easy to clean * These CPAP disposable filters can be cleaned with warm and mildly soapy water * Cleaning the CPAP machine filters is quick and easy * An affordable Philips CPAP filter replacement * Carex CPAP machine filters are an affordable Philips filter replacement to keep your sleep therapy air clean and your breathing easy *

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