CPM Optiflex Ankle Unit


OptiFlex Ankle CPM provides anatomical motion for the ankle and enhances patient comfort and compliance * Addresses full ankle range of motion capabilities – Dorsi Flexion/Plantar Flexion and Inversion/Eversion * Easy to adjust motors so treatment parameters can be customized to meet patient’s specific therapy protocols * Eaty to use hand control capable of storing treatment data on memory chip card * Unique adjustable base for use in bed or chair * Patented universal left/right design * Provides anatomically correct motion * Two year limited warranty * Dorsal/Plantar Flexion: 40-0-60§ * In/Eversion 40-0-20§ * 2 speeds * Weight: 24.25 lbs * Dimensions: 22 x18.5 28.4

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Weight 30.000 kg