EVO CM4 – Four Channel Combo w/Cart and Hammer


EVO CM4 – Four Channel Combo (4 independent channels 5 waveforms) * FREE Therapy Hammer Upgrade (2/5cmý 1/3MHz) * FREE Integrated Therapy Cart (includes 4 storage bins) * FREE Case of MULTISTIM Electrodes * The Winner EVO Combination unit provides the clinician with the most comprehensive therapies in one unit with a simple to use platform and quality & reliability * Winner EVO CM4 can run 4 channels of electrical stimulation ultrasound and laser &/or light all at the same time ensuring maximum utilization and return on investment in a busy clinic * Dual Frequency (1 & 3 MHz) Clinical Ultrasound with Industry leading BNR * Continuous or pulsed modes * 5cm2 2/5cm2 Therapy Hammer 10cm2 or Autosound transducers available * Combination ultrasound electrotherapy and/or laser in one * Tru-Stim electrotherapy with five waveforms on-board * Therapy Profiles for commonly used treatments * Both AutoSound and Light Cluster probe allow for hands-free therapy * Store More cart is available * Accessory holders for easy applicator organization * 3-year warranty * Proudly made in U.S.A.

Additional information

Weight 24.500 kg
Dimensions 13 × 16 × 10 cm