Extremity Whirlpool 27 Gallon Stationary


The Extremity line of whirlpools delivers the most versatile economical and ecological hydrotherapy setup possible * Their compact design saves space and the low-gallon capacity reduces water usage without sacrificing proper treatment * Each unit provides comfortable and effective treatment of precise areas of the body such as the foot ankle and lower leg as well as upper extremities like the elbow forearm and hand * This option provides a standard stationary unit * Product Details – Material: Stainless Steel * Legacy Model: DF-2821 JO-70A * Appropriate for: Podiatry Hand Therapy Athletic Trainer Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Chiropractic Long Term Care * Capacity in Liquid Volume: 27 gallons * Body Treatment Location(s): arm shoulder & leg knee * Internal Length: 28 * Internal Width: 15 * Internal Depth: 21 * Certification(s): MET CE

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Weight 140.000 kg