Flowtron Excel DVT Pump (Mfgr#247001)


DVT Pump * The Flowtron© Excel is a non-invasive mechanical prophylaxis system for reducing the incidence of DVT * One of the most clinically efficacious * systems on the market the Flowtron© Excel consists of a state-of-the-art pump and a pair of calf or thigh-length garments * External pneumatic compression applied to the limbs aids in the prevention of DVT * Single leg mode option allows pump to be used with one garment * Pressure regulator dial highlights the recommended settings includes the option of verifying the pressure if desired * Quiet vibration free pump allows the patient to rest without the distraction of a noisy pump * Audible and visual alarms ensure prompt recognition of a system fault * Choice of calf or thigh garments * Comfortable polyfoam backing which is breathable preventing sweating * Hook and loop fastener which is easy to fit snugly and adjust to different leg sizes * Snap-lock connectors make it simple to connect the garments to the pump and prevents accidental disconnection *

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Weight 6.000 kg