Hydrolift Whirlpool 15 Gallon Mobile


The Hydrolift is the perfect apparatus for raising and lowering a single whirlpool to treat lower and/or upper extremities; in addition the fully adjustable Hydrolift can raise the whirlpool rim up to 36 inches depending on the model * In normal operating conditions the Hydrolift will remain stationary * However for adaptable mobility both the Hydrolift and whirlpool may be moved by lowering the whirlpool to the floor and using the whirlpool casters * This model features a 15 Gallon Whirlpool * Product Details * Brand: HydroLift * Appropriate for: Podiatry Hand Therapy Athletic Trainer Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Chiropractic Long Term Care * Capacity in Liquid Volume: 15 gallons * Body Treatment Location(s): arm elbow & leg calf * Internal Length: 25 * Internal Width: 13 * Internal Depth: 15

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