Inclinometer Dual for Joint Measurement


Package contains Digital Inclinometer and Companion Unit with case and connecting cable. Two-inclinometer technique and procedure is well defined in the 5th Edition of AMA Guides. Acumar Dual Inclinometer simplifies measurements and increases objectivity. The Acumar Dual Inclinometer can simultaneously capture both angles by the press of a single button. It allows up to six pairs of data for viewing and recording to greatly speed up data capture and analysis. * The Acumar Digital Inclinometer is the world’s first digital inclinometer that offers easy to use wireless data. * FEATURES Easy to Read Digital LCD with HOLD Large liquid crystal display readout. Covers 360ø (Displays +180ø to -180ø). Measurements can be gravity or reference based. Stores an entire series of measurements. Stored data can be retrieved manually or sent wirelessly to a computer. Supports the AMA Guides Measures Joint Range of Motion Spinal subluxation and Cervical Flexion and Extension Multiple Data Storage and Viewing The Acumar Digital Inclinometer Suite provides accuracy repeatability and objective documentation of range of motion measurements. * Measurement storage frees user from having to record measurements between readings. Optional wireless transmission eliminates transcribing errors and saves considerable time. Examiner is freed up to devote attention to the examination procedure resulting in a more accurate assessment in less time. ANGE OF MOTION TRAINING COURSE

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