Liquid Hand Sanitizer 60% Gallon Case/4


Hand sanitizer with glycerine that helps to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease * Consists of 60% concentration (by weight) of ethyl alcohol designed for hand sanitizing * The strength and formulation meet the requirements for hand sanitizers as approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) * Made with a thickener to produce a pleasant mildly viscous consistency for practical application * Can be applied to hands via a gallon pump dispenser (not included) pump sprayer (not included) or poured directly from the container * Do not dilute this product * Vigorously rub a nickel to a quarter-sized amount of product into the skin with both hands taking care to cover all hand surfaces with particular attention paid to cuticles and under nails * Packaging: 4 x 1-gallon bottles per case * Contains alcohol and is flammable use extreme care to ensure the product is not used or stored near open flames high heat or areas where sparks may occur * For topical use only

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