Patient Lift STS w/ Medium Sling Weight Cap. 400 lb.


Heavy-gauge steel construction * Designed to provide quick safe assistance to those who have trouble standing * Unique ergonomic foot pedal base opening * 24V DC motor allows quiet smooth operation * Ergonomically designed hand pendant with pendant hook * Large easy to grip handles for easy maneuvering * Lower base height maximizes stability and fits under most beds * Quick release removable foot platform * Optional buttock strap for patients requiring additional support * Easy access emergency stop button * Accessory storage bag included for slings and charger * Interchangeable battery works with other Lumex Easy Lifts * Maximum Weight Capacity 400 lb * Floor Clearance: 4 Lifting range Min. Heigh: 33 Max Height: 68 Overall Length: 40 Overall Width: 26.5 Max Base Width: 37 Min Base 26.5 Motor: 24v DC

Additional information

Weight 0.000 kg
Dimensions 45 × 27 × 10 cm