Power-Turn Elite Lateral Rotation w/Low Air Loss


36 x 80 x 9 * Power-Turn Elite© Lateral Rotation Therapy With True Low Air Loss * Combines 2 clinically effective therapies; Lateral Rotation and True Low Air Loss in a portable system * 18 independent 9 deep air cells reduce interface pressure for the prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers * Lateral Rotation Therapy reduces the risk of pulmonary complications for patients who are immobile * Dual-mode turning radius featuring a 25 degree small turn and a 40 degree big turn * User friendly controls and ease of set up make this system ideal for institutional use and the homebound patient * Designed to fit all standard hospital beds and includes a convoluted foam base head bolster and abduction wedge for additional patient safety * Supports patient weights up to 650 Lbs. * Constructed with Vivex-III – Urethane coated multi-stretch moisture vapor permeable low shear quilted cover transfers moisture away from patients skin. Washable anti-microbial fluid resistant and fire-retardant * Ventilated deep cells have lasered air holes throughout mattress to help reduce skin maceration by reducing excess moisture under patient. Air cells are made of thermal polyurethane material. This combination results in ensured strength durability and patient comfort * Hose connections are color coded and feature a transport locking device that insuresmattress remains inflated for patient transport or during a power outage * 1 year limited (pumps and mattress) and 6 months limited warranties * Medicare Code E0277

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