Roho H/D Cover f/ Hybrid Elite Single Valve Cushion 18 x20


The NEW ROHO Heavy Duty cover for the ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion helps protect the cushion from every-day wear * It is also ideal from protection against incontinence with its fluid-resistant material and durable construction * Although this new cover is ruggedly designed it still allows for the benefit of the therapeutic skin protection of the ROHO cushion * Encased foam is stitched into the cover for added comfort around the leg trough areas * The Heavy Duty Cover design allows for easy access to the ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion valves with a double pull zipper * 18 x 20 * Sizes available for all standard ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion sizes * Warranty: 6 Month Limited Warranty

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Weight 0.000 kg
Dimensions 18 × 21 × 4 cm