SafetySure Mobility Sheet w/ Insert – Adult


WITH INSERT * Adult 10 Handles 34 W x 60 L * Weight Capacity: 600 Lbs Lbs * Boosts lifts and transfers * The SafetySure Mobility Sheet (SSM Sheet) can be used to turn lift and transfer patients * Made of durable nylon fabric the Mobility Sheet is available with or without a plastic insert * The plastic insert gives the Mobility Sheet extra rigidity making it easier to slide under the patient * It also provides protection when transferring a patient from a soft to a hard surface * The Mobility Sheet without the insert can be folded for easy storage * Both styles come with a sewed in comfortable strapping the helps distribute the patients weight evenly over the Mobility Sheet * The small sizes are ideal for moving pediatric patients *

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Additional information

Weight 9.000 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 cm