SafetySure Super Slide


The Safety Sure Super Slide (SSS Slide) combines the best features of a mobility sheet and a transfer slide in one convenient product * The 20 wide by 48 long Mobility Sheet has a plastic insert for added patient protection when transferring a patient from one surface to another * Two wide Velcro© strips securely attach the Mobility Sheet to a 40 wide by 60 long Transfer Slide * The frictionless inner surface of the slide allows the caregiver to easily move the patient * As an added benefit both the Mobility Sheet and Transfer Slide can be used separately if needed * Clinical study demonstrates a greater than 40% reduction in pull force when using a combination of a mobility sheet and transfer slide as compared to a draw sheet transfer * Slide length: 60 * Slide Width: 40 * Slide Thickness: 3/8 * # Handles Mobility Sheet: 6 * Product Weight: 2 Lbs * Lift Capacity: 400 Lbs applications: * Horizontal transfers between adjacent surfaces * Two products in one * Transfer Slide and Mobility Sheet * Most transfers can be accomplished by one caregiver * Minimizes staff injuries *

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Weight 4.000 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 cm